• Natalie Trout-Schulz

NEWS: Disney World Capacity Will Continue to Slowly Increase Over the Coming Months

Since the parks reopened in July of 2020, Disney World has been operating at a limited capacity. To help manage these limits, Disney implemented a reservation system for the parks. Since then, we’ve seen capacity slowly increase as the threat of COVID-19 fades away, and now, it looks like we can expect more increases very soon.

Recently, Disney CEO Bob Chapek shared that capacity had been quietly increasing at Disney World, but no details have been communicated regarding specific numbers or Today, during the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media, and Communications Conference, Chapek shared more specifically on what this capacity boost will look like.

Chapek noted that the parks “will see low double-digit increases in attendance in the next several months.” This increase comes as we begin to see more lifted health and safety measures from the CDC and local governments. He also voiced that attendance can continue to increase as Disney is able to hire back more furlough and laid off Cast Members to get the parks back to their original working order, pre-pandemic.

Chapek was also specifically asked when the parks would return to full capacity. He stated that it would depend on the specific park, as we all know, Disneyland Resort is “much further down the curve.” He also

hinted that Walt Disney World would likely reach full capacity towards the end of the year. He shared that Disney has done everything they can to give consumers the confidence to return to the parks — they have a great track record of opening responsibly.

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